Who We Are

Who We Are

A team of professional people, based in Dubai, London and Kuala Lumpur.

The Company


Our main business is engaged in travel management consulting, hence the need for translations. We have now expanded into professional translation services as well. The business is now in it’s 8th year and we have been translating for the last 4 of those. We have a team of people, some full time and others part time, so normally have the flexibility to handle almost any job. All translations are done by humans, we do not translate using online systems as the accuracy of those, particularly when it comes to Chinese, is nowhere near that required for professional translations. Likewise, grammar and spell checking systems all too frequently make mistakes.

As a corporate business, based in the UAE, we are able to provide invoices for all of our customers. We only charge VAT for those transactions with UAE based companies. (Subject to any tax law changes in the UAE)

Our Principals

The original partners in the business are Fei Chin Kaw and Bob Farrow. They are respectively Malaysian, of Chinese descent, and British.

We are a team of professional people, based in Dubai, London and Kuala Lumpur, who, around four years ago became fed up with being sent poorly translated documents, articles and marketing pieces.

We were forever re-writing these and decided we could do it better ourselves. We found that the key to great translation and proofreading is that two people work on each translation, one native in each language, but that the final version is completed by the native speaker of the destination language.

We now have a team who can read, speak and translate, English, Chinese, Malay & Indonesian. 

We hope to add other language experts to this team, once we find people that are suitable for the roles.

Fei Chin Kaw


Fei Chin was originally trained, and has a degree, as an engineer and moved to the UAE more than 10 years ago. She studied Chinese to the highest level in her home country, and she has a passion for travel and has now been to more than 70 countries. She is a travelpreneur, combining travel with her entrepreneurial skills. She established a travel business based on selected corporates, education establishments and high net worth individuals across the region. Four years ago, she decided to venture into the translation business, utilising her natural language skills.

Bob Farrow


Bob has a degree in Systems & Management and a long background in vehicle rental. Like Fei Chin, he has travelled extensively. He set up the vehicle rental consulting side of the business and is now an integral part of the language team. He has extensive experience with areas such as operating manuals and major international franchise agreements, which stimulated his passion for ensuring that the language used is always accurate. In particular he is very detailed and introduced the proofreading division of the business as he was fed up reading misspelled and poorly written documents.

Your next translation is a step away

You can either order one of our standard translation plans, or if you are not sure, or have something that does not match one of those, then please contact us and we will get back to you extremely quickly and create a personal quotation for you.