How it works

How It Works

Human translation delivered online.

  • Accurate
  • Natural language
  • Fast delivery
  • Any content
  • Value for money

Industry Expertise

• Advertising
• Market Research
• Public Relations
• Media
• Entertainment
• Engineering
• Construction
• Real estate

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Every translation that we handle is done by a pair of linguists. One is a natural speaker from the source language and the other in the target language. This way we get accurate, natural sounding translations that match the context of what you want translated.

Proofreading is done by a native speaker in the language of the document. Again, all work is done manually, unless there are specialist terms or facts that need to be cross-checked.

  • Designed especially for corporate customers looking for fast, accurate translations and proofreading at reasonable prices
  • Staff have a very wide vocabulary to ensure that the language is natural and suits the actual usage
  • Translations and proofreadings are done manually, the only online sources we use are for specialist terminology
  • Pair of translators on each job, one from each language
  • Types of translation and proofreading includes contracts, presentations, marketing material, online sites, Amazon and AliBaba listings, theses, books, even handwritten documents.

The price

Our translation pricing is based on three key elements: Firstly, how many words. Secondly how quickly you need it and thirdly the complexity of the language or the format of the original documents. We can translate from pictures, even handwritten items but they all take more time in transposing.

For proofreading the same three elements apply. 

Deadline & deliverables

We can normally work based on a 3 day turnaround, but this will depend upon the size of the job. Larger jobs will take longer. 24 hour turnaround is usually possible at a small premium.

Wherever we can we try to translate directly into the supplied document and we strive to ensure the format is as close as possible to the original, however English words take up about 25% more space than Chinese so we do often need to amend formats.

Quality Assurance

We will amend any work that does not meet the needs of the customer. 

If after amending the work as requested, and for some reason the customer is still not satisfied, we will investigate the work and agree a fair refund.

Each piece is worked on by 2 people, one natural speaker from each of the language pairs. They work together to explain to each other the meanings of the language, especially those difficult to understand idioms.

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