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Typically we do not use any online system and the way in which we translate is with 2 humans, one speaking the source language and one the destination language. The only time we will use an automated system is when there is technical terminology that we need to check, and these are specialist sites that concentrate on the particular subject.

 We charge based on 3 key factors. One is the number of words, the second is the technical complexity of the language and the third is the desired speed of delivery. Normal translation, based on 3 day delivery costs $5 per 200 words.

If you have any issues with the delivered work, we will work with you to amend it until you are happy. If for any reason you are still unhappy then we will negotiate a refund with you, based on the amount of work done.

All of our translators are university graduates, typically with at least 10 years business experience, giving them well developed vocabularies. We try to match the particular skills or interests of the translator to the subjects being translated.

The charges are typically based on the number of words, starting at $5 per 800 (typically around 2 x A4 pages). Price will vary for technical language that will require some research or for extra fast delivery.

We will amend any work that does not meet the needs of the customer. 

If after amending the work as requested, and for some reason the customer is still not satisfied, we will investigate the work and agree a fair refund.

Each piece is worked on by 2 people, one natural speaker from each of the language pairs. They work together to explain to each other the meanings of the language, especially those difficult to understand idioms.

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